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Tips to Sober Up

When last call is, well, called, many face the decision of if they should drive home from the bar. Ideally, one should have their last drink about 90 minutes before the night is over. That means there is no "quick fix" for sobriety. It takes about one hour to oxidize one ounce. Alcohol makes its way through the body, through the liver and then is excreted through urine and sweat. It's not gone until it's gone! So, time is the only cure. However, taking someone out to breakfast at an all-night diner and getting some food in their system, some water, but not some coffee (this can dehydrate just like the alcohol) may allow the effects to wear off.

However, drunkenness can be slowed down. If someone has water or non-alcoholic beverages in between drinks it can keep someone from getting drunker faster. Also, this can help keep the body more hydrated which can reduce the effects of a hangover the next day. This is sometimes called the 'double-fisting' method- ordering a beer and a water at the same time. (You may have to pee more, but it's worth it.) After drinking is done for the evening, drink a few glasses of water before hitting bed.

For the next morning when the hangover hits hard, water is absolutely the best cure. It will replenish some of the water lost in the brain, which should be at 90%. The reason for most of the symptoms is due to dehyrdation. Resting will ease the aches and pains. It is also suggested in some cases to take a B-complex vitamin. If fact, when alcoholics are being treated in hospitals, they are given B vitamins.

But, a lot of the sobering up methods are myths. There is simply not anything that will make our livers work faster. And, as for the hangover- it's just what we get in exchange for partaking in some libations. But, water can help us feel better and get us through the effects of alcohol much smoother.

According to recent news and reports, most tap and well water in Pakistan are not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution. Toxic bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals routinely penetrate and pollute our natural water sources making people sick while exposing them to long term health consequences such as liver damage, cancer and other serious conditions. We have reached the point where all sources of our drinking water, including municipal water systems, wells, lakes, rivers, and even glaciers, contain some level of contamination. Even some brands of bottled water have been found to contain high levels of contaminants in addition to plastics chemical leaching from the bottle.

A good water filtration system installed in your home is the only way to proactively monitor and ensure the quality and safety of your drinking water. A water purification systems can remove 90-99% of all contaminants from city and well water to deliver healthy drinking water for you and your family.


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