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Drinking Water as beverages Is Smart Economically

Think about all the times you have stopped at a gas station on your way home for a fill-up and also spent a buck or two on a bottled drink, just to take a few sips. That $1.49 or so can surely add up if that's a regular occurrence. Think about all the $2.00+ energy drinks and even more expensive fancy coffees that are purchased to keep one energized?

Think about all the times you purchase fruit juice cartons or bottled soda for it to get poured down the sink on garbage day, after it goes bad or it goes flat. Think about all the waste your house puts out from all these bottles- do you have to pay extra for garbage pick up because you go over your limit?

Think about all the times your family has ordered soda at restaurants, only to jack the bill up and make the kids full- wasting their more expensive food in the end. Think about all the dental bills that add up from children and adults drinking sugary beverages.

Is the word "wow" coming out of your mouth? When you really think about all the money that is put forth for supposed thirst quenchers, is it really worth it?

Americans spend a lot of money of beverages throughout the day, months and years. Learning to stick to drinking water, which is much healthier anyway, can be a great money saver. Just to show the amount of money companies make-- and you are spending-- on things other than water, here are some figures from the Rudd Institute:

--Americans are said to spend about $70 per week on food at home and $40 per week outside of home per week.

--And, the average American is said to drink 53 gallons of soft drinks per year, and one of four beverages consumed is said to be a soft drink!

--The average American drinks at least one serving of a Coca-Cola product per day.

--$11.7 billion per year is spent on soft drinks

Here are some tips to cut those figures down:

--Order tap water when out at restaurants. Depending on how many people are in the dining party, up to $10.00 can be saved on the bill. In fact, if a restaurant automatically gives you water, you have it made. Even fast-food restaurants can give you tap water, but you usually have to ask since they sell bottled water now. Beware! Restaurants like the Olive Garden are on to this-- they teamed up with Coca-Cola to learn how to better suggestive sell beverages. That's right. Because it's a big money-maker!

--Instead of spending money on vending machines at work and at school, bring along a water bottle and refill it from the water fountain. If your job or school has a lounge with a refrigerator, even bring in gallon jugs from home and keep them in there and refill throughout the day. Even bottled water adds up- over $1-billion annually is spent on bottled water. Safe tap water or water from a home with a great water filter in a reusable water bottle can save an individual or family hundreds of dollars each year.

--Using the same example as above, when working out, going walking or to any type of work-out class, bring that water bottle with you.

--Keep a water bottle in the car to avoid having to purchase a bottled drink. (Another tip: If you MUST get something sweet, buy a fountain drink- it's cheaper.) Did you know that 39% of Americans would choose their car for a bigger cup holder? This says a lot about the habits of people to drink large sodas and lattes while en route. Just find a reusable bottle that fits to your car and save a lot of money!

So, in conclusion the initial costs of a quality water filter and the cost of replacement parts for the duration of ownership are nothing when it comes to the money people dish out on soda, juice, coffee and alcohol for at-home use. Drinking self-bottled water on the go is another huge money-saver because purchasing anything else at school, at the office, at the gas station and in the grocery store check-out like can cost you thousands per year.


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