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Like all living things, plants too rely on water for life. And, even though they can't physically tell us or shun certain water- they are very picky about water quality!

Having a house full of lush, green plants can really add to the atmosphere. A live tree here, a hanging basket there; however, without proper knowledge of how to best care for these plants, they just may become brown and limp.

The benefits of plants inside are more than aesthetic. The bring oxygen, take in chemicals and just plain make the air better to breathe. So, to reap the benefits, we must learn first how to water these greens. The number one killer of houseplants is over-watering. Poor water quality can also be dangerous.

City water is filtered for the safety of humans; however, plants do not agree with many of the chemicals used in that process. Some plants are more sensitive than others; palms, spider plants and dracaenas are quite sensitive to fluoride. The fluoride acceptable in tap water is still more than plants can handle. Additionally, tap water can also contain salts for softening which can be harmful. A build-up of a white film crust forms on soil, this is a sign water has too much sodium- a nutrient plants despise. Finally, water that has the wrong pH level can damage plants. To combat tap water problems, installing a filtered system at home would be ideal; but, letting water sit out for 24-hours before watering, experts say, can also remove harmful chemicals. It is also said that rain water is great to use, which can be done by setting out buckets to collect precipitation. According to the Water Quality Association, distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water is the best for watering house plants. No matter where the safe water comes from, it should be room temperature when watering.

There are many problems that can affect a plant's growth and look, such as humidity, temperature (too hot or cold), lack of water, too much water and more. But the specific problems that can occur from poor water quality include yellow leaves between veins, browning of leaves and failure to bloom. Also, in general over time water toxins can take a toll on the plant. Other really sensitive plants are azaleas, camellias, and gardenias.

It is not water alone, however, that makes plants grow to their full beauty and potential. Humidity, temperature, soil condition and light are also environmental issues to take into consideration when choosing which plants are right for your home or office. But, no matter what plant, purer water=greener plants.


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