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When we think of water, we think of a natural resource. But, just like additives to the foods we eat every day, water has become something not as nature intended it. So, when you think or the organic food craze, you cannot help but associate pure water with it.

A Shop Natural newsletter stated the connection between organic food and purer drinking water by saying, "Organic farming, which eschews the use of chemicals to boost production, keeps soil healthy. Healthy soil has more nutrients and produces healthier, nutrient-rich crops. In addition, by not dumping chemicals, including pesticides and nitrates, into the ground, organic farming helps keep our water cleaner. Water tables in agriculture communities have been found to have higher concentrations of nitrates and harmful chemicals than non-farming communities. As these chemicals get into our drinking water, they get into our blood streams."

The article goes on to say that the more we avoid this type of farming, the more pure our drinking supply gets. Makes sense. Furthermore, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement stated six benefits of organic farming. On the list is pollution abatement, stating that the rate of pollutants in the air, ground and water are reduced through organic farming. This could conclude that the more of a demand for organic foods, the more organic farming will be done which could lead to safer drinking water overall. But, until then, we must revert to our water filter systems and bottled water. But to those on an organic diet, drinking filtered water is not only for health reasons, but perhaps a poetic statement of being pure all around.


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