Clean water has the power to improve lives by providing people with a healthy body as well as a healthy planet. And at Aqua Sheer, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to clean water now and for generations to come.


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Can water help me live longer?

It's hard to imagine, but the truth is that human beings are living longer in the 21st century. In this modern age, life expectancy has increased by just over 30 years. There are lots of secondary reasons just why this is, but according to Dr. Jeffrey Griffiths of Tuft University School of Medicine, much of the credit for longer life spans can be attributed to clean water. Just what health effects are caused by clean drinking water?

Have a quick look at the list below to see:

1. Reduces daytime fatigue

2. Improves memory

3. Nourishes skin

4. Essential for digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions

5. Helps remove toxins from your body

6. Aids circulation

7. Regulates your body's cooling system

8. May prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections

9. Improves muscle tone

10. Helps lubricate joints

So the answer is yes, drinking clean water can help you live longer. On a very basic level, your body cannot store up its own supply of water. It needs fresh intake of valuable water to hydrate cells and remove toxins through your liver and later kidneys. Without this vital replenishing of water, your body dehydrates, slows down and your blood literally 'thickens' as your body releases histamines in an effort to store water up in cells. This has a negative health affect as you are likely to experience headaches and lethargy among other generally negative health effects.


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