Clean water has the power to improve lives by providing people with a healthy body as well as a healthy planet. And at Aqua Sheer, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to clean water now and for generations to come.


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                  "Referring Free Drinking Water" to your Friends

For Aqua Sheer Gold Unit Customers Only:  

You can easily "make money" or have "free drinking water" forever ...

For every customer you refer who buys one Aqua Sheer Gold Unit, we will send you:

Your choice of:         either        A) a set of pre-filters valued at Rs 1200 

                                     or           B) a Rs 1200 check as referral fee

If you just refer one customer every year, you can get FREE filters each year. It is so easy to get "free drinking water" year after year. So why not introduce your friends to Aqua Sheer and the wonderful benefits of Ultra Pure water!

If you prefer cash, you can make some side money by referring a few friends a year, and receive a Rs 1200 check for each who purchases a system from us.

The Process:

  1. Refer a friend who purchases an Aqua Sheer Gold system.*

  2. Ask your friend to put your name & email address on his/her purchase order as the "Referrer" .

  3. 30-days after your friend's purchase order, we will send you a Referral Bonus Notice to thank you. You could pick your choice of bonus (Cash or Filter-Set) at that time.

  4. After confirming your bonus choice and address, we'll promptly send you the referral "thank you" gift.

* Provided that the purchase was not returned or refunded within 30 days.

Water is a Gift From GOD Use it dont Abuse it

Refer to your friend & get Cash

  Pure Water is Life 
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