Clean water has the power to improve lives by providing people with a healthy body as well as a healthy planet. And at Aqua Sheer, we strongly believe that everyone deserves access to clean water now and for generations to come.


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Aqua Sheer. installs and maintains reverse osmosis and other water purification / filtration systems in offices, schools, hospitals and businesses of all sizes. Switching from traditional water coolers to a closed, bottle-less cooler system reduces water costs, as well as time and floor space loss. Our flexible, central systems provide purified water to water dispensers, as well as ice machines, coffee makers and any other location where water quality is important. 

Save Money, Time and Space

Switching to a bottle-less cooler system can save you from 30% to 70% in monthly water costs versus bottled water delivery from month one. Systems may also be purchased with a maintenance agreement, if desired. Eliminating messy and cumbersome water bottles also saves time lost to refilling or changing bottles, especially in larger offices. Constantly changing water bottles exposes the water coolers to bacteria and germs, making traditional water coolers a rather unsanitary option. Our water dispensers are part of a closed system, eliminating constant exposure to the environment, people’s hands on the bottle neck, etc., with each bottle change. Additionally, any chance of an employee hurting their back while trying to lift one of the heavy water bottles is eliminated with our system. 


      Aqua Sheer High Flow Triple Triple Water Purification Systems

Aqua Sheer High Flow UV Triple Water Purification System

  Model AS-UT3F
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Aqua Sheer High Flow Triple Water Purification System

  Model AS-RT3F
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