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Can the AIDS virus be transmitted through drinking water?

You can be safe about not getting AIDS from your drinking water; there is absolutely no evidence that AIDS can be transmitted through drinking water. To be more precise, you can't get AIDS by drinking the virus; it must get into the blood directly. Also, the virus is very weak outside the body and rapidly becomes noninfectious.

But understandably, there are many questions regarding the possible transmission of AIDS through water in general, not limited to just drinking waters. For example, if an HIV positive patient drank water from a container and some quantity of his blood from the wounded lip blends into the water, then if you drink the remainder water, will you be infected?

Or what if my gums were wounded too?

Secondly, if an HIV positive person has many wounds on his body and he swims in the same pool where you are swimming, what if his blood blends in the water and you have a wound on my body to?. Or his urine or seminal fluid blends in the water. Will you be infected or not?

With all the above, the chances are very slim for HIV infection. It depends on how much water is remaining in the container which got contaminated with a tinge of blood from a wounded lip! You should be more bothered about other infections like Hepatitis B and C viruses, HSV 1 etc.

Secondly, water in swimming pools heavily chlorinated. Most of the infectious agents get inactivated and destroyed by the chlorine content of the water. HIV is one of them. Please remember, HIV is a very sensitive virus. Even if the virus was present in your drinking water supply or in your swimming pool, the virus is easily killed during the disinfection step of water treatment, so you should have little worries. It gets destroyed very easily.


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